Wineberries grow like weeds where I live in Connecticut. I make jelly with them.

Along with writing about restaurants and chefs,  I write about cooking at home, something I’ve been doing almost every day for 30 years. I’m fascinated by the process and the transformation.


This year the pickings were slim. I froze each day’s ripe berries.

The best thing about cooking? It’s an on-going learning process.


Red plum jam made with Red Jacket plums from Sport Hill Farm in Easton, CT.

And it’s usually delicious. Even if it’s as simple as a peanut butter and jam sandwich.


Homemade peach jam with peanut butter on toasted Luncheonette from Fairfield Bread Co.


  • Here’s a piece on growing and cooking radish greens for the blog CTBites. Radish Greens
  • I tested recipes for dLife, a national website for people with diabetes, and wrote content featuring easy and delicious ways to eat nutritious, high-fiber, low-glycemic index foods.
  • For Yankee Brews News, I recently created a recipe featuring Belgian Tripel Ale. This strong (8 to 10 abv) brew has sweet malt, spicy and fruity flavors and mild hoppiness,  and it mixed beautifully with Cabot Creamery Cheddar in Belgian Tripel Ale fondue. I’ve judged craft and European brew contests with my colleagues from Yankee Brew News.
  • look-what-we-made

    Serving up local duck with strawberry-rhubarb compote.