My plays have been performed at the Lyric Theatre in New Haven, the Theatre Artists Workshop’s Playwright Festivals, Manhattan Repertory Theatre, and read at Fairfield Theatre Company, Mamapalooza Festival and William Inge Festival. I joined the Theatre Artists Workshop in 2002, and am a former board member.


River Island the Play takes place on the porch of a house overlooking the river. Six characters, 90 minutes running time.


A father teaches his daughter the rules about guns in this 10-minute, two-person play. Shooting Practice has been performed at the Theatre Artists Workshop Playwrights Festival and at the Lyric Theatre in New Haven in the show “Zeller & Squires.”

Approximately the Infinite Horizon

A two character, one-act play in which a woman economist struggles with the cost/benefit analysis of a booty call.

The Last Round

What will a young woman do to extract herself from a marriage, and will it suck her back into the family who raised her? Three characters, 15 minutes.



A funny and moving show about being a mother and having a mother, written by 7 actresses and playwrights. The Umbilical Cord Stops Here! has been read at Fairfield Theatre Company, the Manor Club, the Mamapalooza Festival, and many other venues.


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