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Peach Tart

Homemade Peach Tart | ElizabethKeyserStart with beautiful peaches. These were grown in New York State, and sold at Sport Hill Farm in Easton, CT. At home, they ripened.


They were so ripe, it was easy to slip off their skins, without using boiling water.

Then I made a crust.


Ground up almonds with a little sugar in the food processor, then added flour. Half almonds/half all purpose white flour.


Add butter and pulse.


Add water, and press dough into tart pan and refrigerate.


Back to the peaches.


Slice the juicy ripe peaches, and arrange slices in tart pan, top with butter and bake.


It looks like this when you take it out of the oven.


To make it glisten, heat up apricot jam with some lemon juice. Sieve it, and brush the glaze over the top of the tart. But I didn’t use apricot jam. In the very back of the refrigerator, my husband discovered the last of last year’s peach jam. A most delicious peach jam. See those big pieces of peach in the pan?


And here is the peach-glazed peach pie.


It was a very fresh-tasting peach pie, with a cookie-like crust.


A couple days later, I made peach tartlets.

Peach season is over, but I have quarts of peaches waiting in the freezer. Peach jam coming up next.


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