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Mushroom Omelet Breakfast Sandwich

IMAG1279I go through breakfast phases. I’ll eat the same breakfast for a week or two, then move on to a variation. Bread, toasted or warmed, is essential. So is protein. Recently, I was on a one-egg, one-mushroom omelet kick. Usually with fresh herbs, chives, or parsley. Something quickly snipped from the yard, run under water, and minced.  Sometimes I’d add cheese, then fold the omelet in quarters and put it on buttered bread or roll.

The omelets start with good eggs. If I’m lucky, a friend gives me eggs from her chickens.

The only thing that changed during the one-egg, one-mushroom kick was the kind of bread. Here it is on a toasted Honey-12 Grain roll from Fairfield Bread Company.


Another morning I had it on a toasted Portuguese Roll from Fairfield Bread Company. These are the fluffiest Portuguese Rolls.


One morning I folded the omelet in half, and had a toasted piece of FBC’s organic Bridgeport Sour on the side. By the puffy look of that omelet, I’d say there’s melted brie inside.


The bread I use most often is The Luncheonette. If we’re out of  eggs from Sport Hill Farm, I might make a quick peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast, especially if we have homemade jam in the fridge.


Homemade peach jam with peanut butter on toasted Luncheonette from Fairfield Bread Company.

If there’s cheese and an interesting ham product in the house, I’ll have a breakfast like this. Taste of Europe in Norwalk is one of my favorite places for Polish and German ham and sausages.


Funny how I don’t have pictures of my brie and toast breakfasts. The cheese is too tempting to delay eating it.

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