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Great Tacos in Bridgeport

La Salsa Taqueria is a newish discovery, a hole in the wall where the carnitas tacos are worth the braving the neighborhood. Right now the building at 1154 State St. is encased in scaffolding. There’s a little bodega next door that sells sodas and lotto tickets, and draws men who hang about on the street in front of it. But inside, La Salsa is friendly, with a smiling owner, workers and patrons. The place is a riot of color, the walls papered in newspaper clippings about the owner’s food truck in Norwalk. Up high near the ceiling, an image of the virgin Mary is framed by empty Pepsi cans.

Physically, La Salsa isn’t comfortable. The door opens often, sending blasts of cold or hot air into the small room. At the counter, behind the glass, you can see the slow cooked pork piled high. One day the owner placed a tray of just cooked chicken thighs and legs in the case. They actually drew our eyes from the carnitas. The chicken was at just-falling-off he bone tenderness.  In the self-service fridge, there are squirt bottles of fresh avocado salsa and habanero salsa.

The tacos come on paper lined trays. The pork is juicy and fatty, and the tortillas are soft and fresh. Shredded cabbage, raw onions, cilantro, avocado, a squirt of fresh lime, and a squeeze from the salsas bottles. Taco heaven. Even better — these amazing tacos cost $1.50 each.


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