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Bringing Something to the Party

What to bring to a summer party? I got beautiful carrots and beets from the Black Rock Farmer’s Market. The beets came from Sport Hill Farm.

My friend Red Bee Marina, who was hosting a little gathering in her garden, suggested coleslaw, but the carrots were too cute to shred.

IMAG1748So I cleaned them up, blanched them, and pickled them whole.IMAG1755

The brine was one cup of apple cider vinegar, one cup of warm water, salt, pepper, onions, ginger, herbs from the garden–lemon balm, thyme, marjoram, chives–and a little honey.



Because it’s summer and I didn’t want the house to get too hot, I boiled the beets. (Roasting in the oven is my preferred method.) After they were tender, I slipped off the skins, sliced the beets, and put them in brine.The carrots and beets rested in the brine, in the fridge, from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., till we left the house. I repacked them in Ball jars for travel.

After a glass of prosecco, everyone went to Marina and Vic’s garden, and picked greens for pesto.  I picked mint and chamomile flowers. Before serving the pickled vegetables, I sprinkled the herbs on the dishes.

Our hosts served lobster, which we dipped in melted butter, and squirted with lemon. I was rather messy. Apologies to those who were splashed.IMAG1767

And corn on the cob.


We ate outside, dogs at our feet, chickens locked up safe, bees buzzing around the red and yellow hives on the sunny hill.

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