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My Favorite Ethnic Restaurants in Bridgeport, CT

It surprises people that even though I’m a restaurant reviewer, I really don’t go out that much. It’s rare for me to go to a restaurant more than twice, unless it’s work-related.

But there are places that I’ve been to many times, the regular spots I go to with my husband. These are my favorite ethnic restaurant in Bridgeport. I’ve written about most of these places, for the Hartford Courant, CTBites and others. Click on the links to read the full reviews.



Chicken enchiladas with homemade green sauce at El Paraiso in Bridgeport. Photo by Elizabeth Keyser.


El Paraiso for lunch.  Hearty plates of enchiladas, chile rellenos, or weekend Sunday pozole.

La Mexicana for lunch. Carnitas tacos and fresh melon drinks.


Carnitas tacos topped with grilled jalepenos, scallions and cilantro at La Mexicana, Bridgeport, CT. Photo by Elizabeth Keyser


Pho Thom for Vietnamese pho and spring rolls. The link is to their Pho Thom’s FB page because my article in the Courant has disappeared. Where oh where did it go?



Sweet, crunchy, fresh garden rolls with pork, mango, cucumber, lettuce, carrots, mint wrapped in rice paper at Ruuthai’s Kitchen in Bridgeport, CT. Photo by Elizabeth Keyser

It isn’t easy to find good Thai food.

The best place to find excellent Thai restaurants is Queens, N.Y.  So I was thrilled to discover RuuThai serves dishes you won’t find anywhere else in Connecticut. Mussels pancakes. Full-flavored curries. Desserts for the adventurous. Here’s a review I wrote for the Hartford Courant Ruuthai, and one I wrote for CTBites Ruuthai’s Kitchen


Be prepared to eat lots of grilled meat at this this Brazilian churrascaria, Pantanal Brazilian Barbecue and Buffet, and schedule a nap afterwards.

I’m happy to add a new great place for Brazilian Barbecue to my growing list, Rancho Pantanal


Brazilian BBQ, Buffet & Bar in Bridgeport

What are your favorite ethnic restaurants in Bridgeport?


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