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The Hamburger I Crave

Chilibomb makes one of the best hamburgers in Fairfield County.  I order it medium rare, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, raw onions, pickles and a little mayo. See that meat? It has a nice sear. It’s juicy. Juices run from every bite.  The bun is griddled, see the brown crusty parts on the top bun?  The soft bun embraces all the ingredients; the hamburger doesn’t fall apart. Each bite brings forth the flavor of the whole.  It’s not a burger to linger over, but to lean over.

Chilibomb’s fries are also on my one-of-the-best lists. They look and taste like potatoes. They’re cut in-house, and skins add to the potato flavor.

The only challenge with Chilibomb’s burger is those juices that catch in the paper dish make the bun soggy when you put the burger down to attend to the fries.  My solution is to place a bed of French fries in the paper dish. The burger can be propped sideways on the bed of fries, reducing possible sogginess, and the fries absorb the juices.

My husband prefers his fries crisp from the container.

This is a grab-a-quick-bite burger that’s very satisfying. And the value is excellent.

Chilibomb is on Black Rock Turnpike in Fairfield, CT.



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